Plus size news

The word plus size is on everyone’s lips. The industry is creating a buzz and this makes me smile because being plus size or a little overweight is not a crime and spreading body love should be at the top of all females lists. The more we fight, the more we talk and the more… More Plus size news

Simple happiness

The more I am training myself to live simply, the happier I am becoming. The decision to live more simply came about for so many reasons, – My anxiety – My need to shop and always have things – The clutter in my house – Just never feeling like I had enough, of anything. After hitting a… More Simple happiness

My DIY wedding

I have been married for almost two months now, I am still not used to being a Mrs (I still get giddy when I think about it) but everyday that I wake up I know that I am right where I belong. I pretty much had the wedding of my dreams – I had the trees… More My DIY wedding